LCV 100Plinth edge polishing machine

  • 1 calibrator spindle with height micro-adjustment.
  • 7 independent polished spindles for upper edge.
  • 4 (2+2) spindles for right and left bevel.

Unlike machines currently on the market, this belt transports the material by sliding on an anti-wear plate bolted to the fixed, milled surface. No adjustments are necessary if you change the machining height.


Material coated belt with high coefficient of friction, to avoid slippage that could adversely affect polishing quality.
Independent spindles with pneumatic movement on recirculating ball guides with low friction for greater work accuracy. Lowering/lifting and starting of the spindles are controlled automatically by the PLC.
Wheels on the fixed side covered in scratch-resistant material to machine strips of plinth already polished on the sides. Stainless steel wheel pivot on plastic bushing with seals and anti-water labyrinth. Easy access for cleaning/maintenance of all working parts immersed in water.
Flexible levers to keep the material resting on the fixed wheels, in plastic material.
Machine frame in hot galvanised steel and then painted with epoxy primer/enamel.
Material feed speed adjustable via touch screen.
Stainless steel housing with safety electro-lock.

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