Marble and Granite Processing Machines

We specialise in the production and sale of machines for machining marble and granite for over 40 years.
Our artisan machines are customised with care taken in every detail. By doing so, we can meet the client’s specific needs in production, type of machining and space.
We will assist in every phase of the project: we start with the design by our technical office, then we move on to production and assembly carried out by highly qualified staff until we reach assistance which is provided in after-sales.
We manufacture different machines: block cutters, heading machines, trimming machines, loaders and unloaders, bridge saws, calibrating, polishing and special machines for marble and granite.

Production cycle

We follow every design phase. Thanks to our highly qualified staff, we will be able to provide you with technical support both during the design and the after-sales service phase. The production and assembly phases have been our strength for over 40 years.


Our technical department is equipped with the most modern 3D design software to meet every specific need. We carry out structural analysis to understand how to make every machine.


Welding, mechanical machining, painting and the electrical system are entrusted to highly qualified technicians. Every product is cared for in detail.


Our technicians pay particular attention to the control and adjustment of each part. The machines are tested and run-in to minimise the risk of problems.


We believe assistance is fundamental in our sector. We identify the spare parts, send our technician and ensure we have resolved the problem by testing our machines.